I’m an Australian landscape ecologist currently working as a Post Doctoral researcher within the McGill Sustainability Systems Initiative (MSSI) and the Department of Geography, at McGill University, Canada. I am also a member of The Environment & Livelihoods Lab and The Bennett Lab.

My research focuses on understanding how humans and nature interact with each other, and using this knowledge to identify actions that we can implement to sustainably manage landscapes – where human, environmental and economic health can be achieved simultaneously both now and for future generations. I focus on a range of landscapes, but have a particular interest in understanding human-nature relationships in urban landscapes.

I mostly examine human-nature relationships through ecosystem services – the physical and mental well being benefits that we receive from ecosystems (such as air quality regulation, food, water and recreation). In particular, I explore the social and environmental factors that affect the type of ecosystem services people receive from landscapes and the amount of ecosystem services the landscape can provide. I am also interested in understanding how different management actions and policies influence ecosystem service supply and delivery at the landscape scale.

My Research page contains more information on my research interests. This site also contains information about my academic background and publications. Feel free to look around and contact me with any questions.

You can also find more about my research here:

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